Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Tuesday Morning Sketches #677

Time for Tuesday Morning Sketches #677 by Melissa.  I was home recuperating from Covid when I made these dual purpose cards.  I made them in honor of me and whoever I give them too, and I hope it won’t be for a long time, because I hope all my peeps have a good looooong stretch of feeling great!

I used some older CTMH MixIns paper and Under the Weather stamp set.  

Thank you so much for stopping by and I’m looking forward to seeing what you create with us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Tuesday Morning Sketches #676


Thanks so much for being here and I hope that if you’re not coming from Tuesday Morning Sketches I really really hope you get to head on over there and join us for this weeks sketch #676, it’s another fun one by Melissa.  

I truthfully didn’t expect to enjoy making this as much as I did!  Everything just seemed to fall into place pretty quick and easy when I decided on using this gold accented floral ribbon from Hobby Lobby for the three strips.  I’m pretending that I offset the circle sentiment on purpose - for the gems maybe?  ;o) 

The sentiment is cut from a pack of vellum thingys from Pebbles that I’ve had a long time and all the rest of the paper is CTMH old and new.

Next up please visit Tuesday Morning Sketches and see what our talented team came up with and have a go at it yourself too - I’m sure you will be just as pleasantly surprised as I was!

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Tuesday Morning Sketches #675 - Avery Elle Baby Elephant


Thank you for being here for this week’s Tuesday Morning Sketches #675, by yours truly  ;o)

I had to turn the sketch so that I could have enough room for the balloon—I had this little elephant from Avery Elle in mind when I made the sketch but I forgot about the cute little balloons.  I also decided to enter this in the cute Cards 4 Galz #181 that one of our other team members Debbie participates in …baby cards or feminine cards- I am so there!

I really hope you get to join us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!! The team has some great inspiration for us all!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Tuesday Morning Sketches #674

Hi you!  

This is the week you get to confirm what a nerd I really am!  I just couldn’t get a turtle out of my head every time I looked a our Tuesday Morning Sketches # 674!!  I knew I had no stamp like this so I set out to draw and paint my own.  I cut out a cardstock pattern of it so I could just trace the basic shape and then try to get creative with it.  Still have lots of ideas how to better paint this but since I don’t have all the time in the world most likely they will never come to fruition.

Nevertheless I had a lot of fun and my grandson even painted one, I like the shell on his the best out of all of these, it is the one that sort of has waves below it.  

I’m thinking this can say, “You’re turtley awesome”  but I really REALLY would love any suggestions you may have!

Thank you for stopping by and I’m looking forward to seeing what you create with us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Tuesday Morning Sketches #673

Hello Happy Tuesday Morning Sketches #673 Day!  

Making up my mind what the focal point would be was the hardest part of this fun (really not hard) sketch!  The next hardest was deciding on a sentiment but when I came across this one I thought I could make about 20 cards with this sentiment because I sure do miss a lot of my friends and family.

I hope you like it!  If you haven’t already I hope you stop by Tuesday Morning Sketches and check out what the rest of our wonderful creative team made! Thanks for being here & have a great week!

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Tuesday Morning Sketches #672

Yikes!!  Did I say that last week too? The weeks are just going by so darn fast and I feel a little crazy.  And maybe I am because I actually forgot that I already made cards for this weeks sketch and I made another one LOL!!  Well I actually like them all and I can use them all so all is well but OH MY!   So here they are - all my cards for Tuesday Morning Sketches #672.  

Thanks so much for stopping by and pleeeeaase check out our teams creations and join us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Tuesday Morning Sketches #671

Goodness this week flew by!  I was still home all week recovering from shingles and not feeling very inspired.  When I did craft a little it was such a great distraction but the times of mustering up the mojo to do anything were few and far between.  Getting better though - thankfully.  I have been looking forward to this weeks Tuesday Morning Sketches #671.  It was another easy one to mass produce.  I should be good for wedding cards for a little bit now.

Thank you so much for stopping by I know you will enjoy this sketch as much as I did and and I look forward to seeing what you make with us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Tuesday Morning Sketches #670


Thank you so much for visiting!  This   Tuesday Morning Sketches sketch # 670 is perfect and I used it as an opportunity to make some wedding cards for a couple friends as well as to have on hand for myself.  I already had this stamp still out from a few sketches ago and I really love it so I made quite a few.  I hope you don’t mind seeing it again already!  

Keeping this short because I’m home struggling to recover from shingles.  It’s as yucky as I could imagine :o(  Thankfully I had my cards made before got them because I have zero inspiration at the moment.

I do appreciate you stopping by and I’m so looking forward to seeing what you create with us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Tuesday Morning Sketches #669

August - yes it’s AUGUST!!!  Already August and already time for Tuesday Morning Sketches #669.  It’s not like me to let go of Summer so easy but I have been chomping at the bit to play with my new CTMH papers. I may be right back to summer next week :o)

I thought as long as I’m cutting all these pieces I might as well do 2 at a time, especially since I was having a hard time deciding which paper pack to use.  The Backyard Bliss paper pack could be summer or fall. The Crisp Air paper pack is definitely fall but has some patterns that would be great for masculine cards.  I just have such a hard time getting motivated to make those :o(. The Happy Birthday stamp was still on my table from my last card - which is no surprise haha, I am going to clean up a bit—-tomorrow (we’ll see).  

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you get to stop check out all the great interpretations our team came up for this sketch. I almost didn’t use an envelope because my die is so tiny and I didn’t feel like figuring out another size but I just went ahead and made do with my tiny one. I’m excited to see what you create with us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Tuesday Morning Sketches #668

Happy last Tuesday of July! 

I didn’t really plan anything to do with this card for Tuesday Morning Sketches #668 the whole thing just kind of fell into place.  Here again is another background that I made just playing around with watercolors on some sparkly watercolor paper. 

I’ve been excited to use these 3-d stickers that I purchased while I was working at Joann’s a while back.  I cut one in half because I thought it would look neat kind of going off into the sunset and also so I can stretch this little pack of stickers as much as possible. I used a piece of CTMH holographic paper and I only wish it looked half as neat in this photo as it does in person.

This nice big panel is such a great blank slate to start with to create a scene or even just use a favorite pattern paper or maybe even try a collage of some favorite scraps - endless possibilities!  So head on over to see what our amazing Tuesday Morning Sketches team created and then get busy having FUN!

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Tuesday Morning Sketches #667

Hi you~ thanks for stopping by!

Here’s what I made for Tuesday Morning Sketches #667 this week.  Pretty lace and sweet little flowers are definitely among my favorite things so this was really fun for me.  Paper, lace and pastel flowers are from Michaels and everything else was just in my stash for who knows how long.

I hope to see what you make for our fun sketch this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Tuesday Morning Sketches #665

Goodness time is flying!!  It’s time already for  Tuesday Morning Sketches #665.  I was very happy to be able to make a couple cards this week - that hasn’t happened for a while.  

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments but for now I’m going to be quick - have an early morning for work and didn’t sleep well last night.  

I hope you can head on over to check out what the rest of our amazing team created this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!! I also hope you get to enjoy creating with this fun sketch yourself and I will be so blessed to see what you make!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Tuesday Morning Sketches #664

Hi - happy 5th of July!! 

I hope your holiday weekend was safe and enjoyable :o). 

I can hardly believe that I get to say this but I made this cheater card while crafting with my little granddaughter.  (sweet awwww music plays here!). It is what I made for Tuesday Morning Sketches #664 and I don’t think it turned out too bad.  I used As You Grow from CTMH paper + sticker packet and Picture My Life cards.  I really want a nested banner set so I can make this shape layered easier - I know it’s not THAT hard but sometimes I just have trouble getting even that short of a cut straight.

I know I always (try to) say it but I really really do appreciate you stopping by and I’m so looking forward to seeing what you create with us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!