Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Tuesday Morning Sketches #736

Thanks for stopping by for Tuesday Morning Sketches #736.  

I can’t seem to even keep track of time anymore but I lost a couple weeks sick and  coughing my head off.  I’m all better now just behind on everything. 

I hope your holiday season is going really well.  Mine is going way too fast but then I guess it always does. I had to really rush my card, it just seems like I have no time these days.  It felt really good to at least take a few minutes for some fun.  I set the stopwatch on my phone and here is how long this card took:

I realized I forgot to round the corners but wasn’t starting over so I rounded the corners on the tiny sentiment.

Not too bad considering that included figuring out what to use for the trees, papers, die and embossing folder plus putting together.  

So I hope you join us over at Tuesday Morning Sketches and have FUN!

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Tuesday Morning Sketches #734

I’m so sad, I realized that I never posted  Tuesday Morning Sketches #734 but just for the record here it is. I put more work into to this one than I have put in on one card for a long long time…oh well. No use crying over spilt milk right?

See you soon for the next Tuesday Morning Sketches!!