Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Tuesday Morning Sketches #582

Helllllloooo & happy Thanksgiving week!

I’m so grateful for so much but since it’s time for Tuesday Morning Sketches #582 I want to shout out for Melissa, Debbie & the rest of our wonderful design team!!!  I love being a part of this group and it totally makes me craft pretty much every week and I need that!   I know I’ve mentioned that in the past but it is still very true!!

I keep meaning to try and acknowledge anniversaries so now if I’m ready for the next couple that comes up.

Have fun, I’m looking forward to seeing what you create!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Tuesday Morning Sketches #581

 Hello!!!  I hope you’re having a NICE Tuesday!! It’s time already for Tuesday Morning Sketch #581!

We are quickly approaching the time of year that the runaway freight train of time is traveling at it’s fastest pace. At least for me anyway how about for you? 

I know life looks a lot different for a lot of people but I have already been working from home for over 4 years so that big chunk of my life has remained the same in the midst of the pandemic.  So how will the holidays be for you -more complicated or less complicated?  I work in retail so I haven’t had a Christmas or Thanksgiving with my family since 2014 - that makes me a little sick to my stomach and I really need to work on changing that for next year. Especially since we know all too well more than ever that one just never knows what tomorrow may bring.  

So, even though I’m busier I’m going to make a concerted effort to send everyone a special Christmas card that I made just specifically for them. So now that I’ve just blurted that out I have a couple other types of cards for the next several sketches LOL being the procrastinator that I am!!  

Here is what I made for TMS#581, sadly I’ve had two of my favorite neighbors move out of town the past few months.  So that means I need a couple of welcome to the neighborhood cards.  I was too lazy to go though and find my welcome to the neighborhood stamp set that I know I have but not sure where so I used some old alphabet stickers from CTMH they are over 5 years old, I still love them, they have a tiny dot resist so you can sponge them any color you want.  They really do match perfect even though the card doesn’t show that so well in my photo.  To top it off I rather tacky-ly (my own made up word) wrote out part of the sentiment.  Hey is’t all about the thought and being hand-made right???

Thankfully I still have quite a few favorite neighbors but the two that moved I will be friends with forever no matter where they go!  

The houses are CTMH stickers from the Lovely Paper Packet and the neat little kraft envelopes I found for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. 

Now it’s your turn to play right after you check out what the rest of our wonderful team made at Tuesday Morning Sketches!

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tuesday Morning Sketches #580

Good morning & happy Tuesday!

I totally enjoyed this fun and simple sketch by Debbie and I know you will too!  Making this really quick again due to running like crazy these days it seems!  If you have any questions of course I’ll be happy to answer if you leave a question in the comments :o). 

So here it is my creation for Tuesday Morning Sketches #580 I hope you head on over asap and check out what the rest of the team made and they play play play!!  I’m going to send this to my daughter for her birthday this week.  

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Tuesday Morning Sketches #579

OMG so just today I realized that I never posted my card for TMS#579!!!  I’m sorry to everyone including myself!! I put a lot of work in this even just threading all those buttons ;o) and then I didn’t even post!  I don’t know what happed to the week but without further ado...here’s what I made for Tuesday Morning Sketches #579!