Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Tuesday Morning Sketches #726

Happy whatever if anyone sees this lol!! Posting late cuz I'm such a mess!!  Posting late what day is it what week is is what the heck month and year is it!!  Acccck! Here's what I made for Tuesday Morning Sketches #726.  

It's all old CTMH stuff...I may just have to continue the Christmas theme through October--so indecisive these days.  Let me know what you think :o) pretty please.  

And also pretty please head over to Tuesday Morning Sketches and join us real quick!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Tuesday Morning Sketches #725

Hello happy Tuesday! Already! But the good thing is it is time for  Tuesday Morning Sketches #725.  

As I for-warned…here is another Christmas “anti-stampo” card.  Sometimes I feel a little tad bit guilty for not doing more for a card but I decided to stick to my same definition as I do for the term “homemade” so if you cook or bake something my thought is anything you have to actually do anything to is homemade - right???  So if you make brownies from a box, that you have to add the eggs etc to they are “homemade” maybe not made from “scratch” but still homemade cuz you didn’t just get a container of already made brownies.  

Well thats enough of my defense haha, but this was still super fun to make and I used papers from CTMH a couple years ago. Yay me!!  This is a 3.5 x 6 card and I think just perfect for gift cards this year.  I will be making one this same size for each person in my niece & nephews family to send their gift cards in.  

I decided to switch up the envelope and have it open on the side instead of the top. That reminded me of once in my monthly workshops we made sachets with envelopes the same way.  

Well as usual I’m totally looking forward to seeing what you make for Tuesday Morning Sketches this week - have fun!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Tuesday Morning Sketches #724

Thank you for stopping by to check out Tuesday Morning Sketches #724! 

Ahhh if you have never taken this approach when in a bit of “crafters block” or just a plain seemingly never ending constant time crunch takes you over, I encourage you to try creating a series. I did a “series” of preselected stamp sets for several weeks and it took just enough of decision making off my plate each week to really help me enjoy the other elements of the process a ton more.  

This is the second card in my “month of Christmas cards” series.  My underlying theme is also super easy anti-stampo once again.  You gotta know I love I mean I LOVE stamping but but sometimes life calls for a spell of simplifying! 

This week and the next two weeks are going to be super simple but I think they are at least still pretty nice cards that my family and friends will like. I’m also still working with older paper packs.  This week I used CTMH “Oh What Fun” from 2018!!  You can see the sheet of cutouts that I used for the sentiment and one of the patterned papers. What a great testament to the fun designs that I still love this paper and it’s coordinating goodies even though it is 5 years old!

I made it through the month of August without buying any “artsy/crafty wants”- let’s see if I can make it through September.

I’m super excited to see what you make for Tuesday Morning Sketches this week-enjoy!

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Tuesday Morning Sketches #723

 OMG! I was so excited to share this  Tuesday Morning Sketches #723 then I forgot and didn’t post this on time!  Going through a spell here not staying on top of things very well.  

I do however have my next few planned already so should be able to pull them off.  I decided to do Christmas cards all month.  I know most people do Christmas in July crafty things or all year long but getting some done in September is really good for me. Let’s see if I get them mailed this year for a change!  

I’m trying not to buy ANYTHING that is a want and only get needs between now and Black Friday—sounds like a long time right now but it has been actually pretty enjoyable pulling out all the holiday paper I have accumulated over the years.  

So now your turn! I hope to see you soon at Tuesday Morning Sketches!! Have fun creating!

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Tuesday Morning Sketches #721

Welcome!!  Thank you for stopping by!!

Of course the week just flew by again it is already Tuesday Morning Sketches #721.  I confess I broke away from my 6 week plan again and just went with a super easy anti-stampo card :)  that’s my word you know like anti-pasta salad?  lol

All I used was paper from my fav Carta Bella Floral #3 12 x 12 pack.  Let me know if you get sick of seeing it because I just may never get sick of creating with it!! I may eventually run out though.  

One thing I will add is that it is very hard to fold for the envelope so I scored the lines then very lightly misted with water and it was still cracking a little.

I know your life is busy and flying by way to quick also so I wish you some fun little crafty snatches of time to join us at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Tuesday Morning Sketches #720

Hi there, already time for  Tuesday Morning Sketches #720!

Sounds like everyone I know is having an EXTRA busy summer!  Way to go out with a bang - right? I rushed this card as quickly as I could.  I got to hang out with my kids and grandkids for a staycation (for me) for 8 days!  So after spending the better part of the last 8 days with 10 loved ones needless to say the house is a bit (actually a lot) too quiet!

Ok your turn to head on over to Tuesday Morning Sketches and join the fun!!

Ok one last thing here’s one of the pics from this week’s fun!

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Tuesday Morning Sketches #719

 Oh happy day to you!

Thanks so much for stopping by for Tuesday Morning Sketches #719!!  I made this using the CTMH Thank You Kindly Stamp & Thin Cuts set. I really love making mini slim line cards a lot more than I used to, now that I can so easily make an envelope instead of trying to find and accommodate this special size.  Everything I used is CTMH other than it is colored with Prismacolor brush markers.  

I am beside myself excited because I will have my kids and grands altogether for a week!  We haven’t had that happen for YEARS!!  Can’t wait for making memories and taking lots of pics.

I hope you join us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!! I love seeing what our team AND all  of you create!!