Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tuesday Morning Sketches #468

Hello, hello I'm on time yay!!!  Baby steps right?

Thanks so much for popping in to my contribution for Tuesday Morning Sketches #468 :)

I thought the oval would be a perfect opportunity to make a little bit of a see through card.  I saw the idea from Jennifer McGuire and I major cheated by using a doily to be sort of the mesh base for my images to attach and it may be hard to tell but you can see through the little openings.  It's always so darn hard to photograph glitter so I snapped a shot of an angle that should give you and idea of how glittery every place I colored is.  I used water color pencils and CTMH Shimmer Brush to color,  the quickest most fun and budget friendly way to color that I know of.  

The rest of the team made some beautiful cards and I hope your inspired and therefor pay the inspiration forward by joining us this week!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tuesday Morning Sketches #467

Hi there :)

Here I am a tad bit late, still getting my act together posting what I made for the fun Tuesday Morning Sketch #467. I had fun with this week's sketch, after making one I decided to make one for each of my two grandsons in one family, then I got on a roll and made one for my other three grand kids one of which is below and the other two will be in the TMS #468 post next week.  These are so simple but the kids won't mind, I'll be putting goodies in them and they're always so happy with whatever they receive.  I miss them so much my goal is to send them a card once a month, when I don't get to see them. 

Thanks so much for stopping by the prize this week is a happy bag of pretty flowers so I hope you get to play along!  Although most of all I hope you play so I can see what you made!!! 

Have a WONDERFUL week!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tuesday Morning Sketches #466


I know I'm always saying my week was busy but last week took the cake.  From Wednesday afternoon to the following Tuesday I took 5 shuttles, 4 flights, and drove two days from Colorado to Kentucky. Long story - loooong week!  It was an adventure for sure and just when I was congratulating myself for doing all that and not catching anything flying, the day after I got home I got sick. BLEH.  Not every bit of the week was all fun & games but it was helping family and that was such a worthwhile endeavor.

At least I was able to pull off my card for Tuesday Morning Sketch #466.  I actually didn't expect my first try to work so I stamped 3 pieces with the little houses, but I'm actually happy with all three so first off I have my first one.  Also, I  just had to show you last weeks card.  All I had to do to post it in time was put it all together and take a pic.  I was cutting it close to when the shuttle was picking me up and just when I was going to head in to my craft room my husband came home early to see me before I left on my adventures.  

I have no idea what the "real" way people do this technique is but I got the idea from a painting in an ad at Dick Blick online.  I "painted" water along the skyline so that the color would stay where I wanted and then I dropped in enough color until it dripped.  It was quite fun.  I'm impatient though so I had to do a little wiping off an area that got muddy and dropping in more pure color.

I hope you like it - I'm so glad to be back and that you stopped by.  

And my card from last week: