Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sketches #637

WOW WOW WOW!  It’s Christmas week!!!  It is so true what they say about how the older you get the quicker time passes!  Plus, you say the same things over and over and over, so I’ve probably said that way too many times already!!

The last week of the year is the only time we do “Anything Goes” at TMS.  So this is what I made for Tuesday Morning Sketches #637…yes! I finally scrapbooked again.  I don’t know if I even made one page this year until now.  I’m getting so mad at myself and I hope I start sharing at least one layout a month and I hope I make a LOT more than that.  I really want to get a book done for each kid and grandkid and oh of course for my husband.  Then after that I hope to be able to just keep up with current stuff and also do it for friends too. Then ultimately drastically reduce my supplies and get ready to downsize and retire someday.  

I went ahead and made pages based off of our last sketch Tuesday Morning Sketch #636 these were really fun and it made me see how much I missed scrapbooking.  Just like card making and any time spent creating it can also be a very healing distraction.  I have a couple stressful situations going on that I don’t want to discuss quite yet.  

These were so simple, I just cut an 8x8 square (then cut it into two triangles) for the left layout and that left a 12x4 piece for the right. I also cut 4 - 12”x 1.5” strips of solid coordinating cardstock and punched with an old Martha Stewart punch.  Of course then I just had to mat the photos and I used my Misty to stamp the page titles.

That also left a 4 x 8 piece that I was going to try and make cards with but ran out of time and inspiration.

How are you doing on your Christmas prep?  Am I the only one who still needs to figure out a few gifts?  It usually seems like there is so much time and then all of a sudden NO time!  I got everything shipped this weekend but I still have local friends to do for. 

So head on over to Tuesday Morning Sketches and get inspired then take some time for yourself and have fun with “Anything Goes”!

Not quite finished with the pages below but thought I would still share.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sketches #636


I’m pretty happy with how this Tuesday Morning Sketch #636 turned out.  I’m going to put a few literature themed gift cards in it for my DIL for Christmas.  I rarely ever paper piece but I love the way her jeans and top look with the paper piecing.  

I’m running really late but want to let you know about the stamps and dies that I used.  They are from CTMH; In a Book stamp set + dies and  Buildable Tags Thin-Cuts.

I hope you’re having a great day, week and holiday season entirely!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sketches #635

Happy HAPPY Tuesday dear friends!  Thank you so much for being here!!  I really made sure I would NOT be late again!!  I decided that considering the fact that I have enough Christmas cards for this year between those that I didn’t use last year and that I have already made this year.  I also have withdrawals when I don’t get to used spring or summery colors for too long - lol.  

I really needed to get this Tuesday Morning Sketch #635 done as quickly as possible so I raced against the clock.  I just bought (ya- needed it like a hole in the head) a few sheets of paper at 70% off at Joann this week so it was out on my desk - I glanced at that and then opened my box labeled “Table Pile” that is the piles that I scoop off my desk when I can’t stand it anymore and this already colored rainbow was right on top so I checked it out with the paper I just got and YAY it worked.  

You can see how long this took which I’m happy about, considering it included the decision process and envelope.  I can easily take that long just to choose my materials :o)

I know how busy this time of year is but I hope you can snatch a little time for yourself to create and play along with us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!

Friday, December 3, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sketches #634

Whoops, I forgot to set my post to post!!  Here is what I made for Tuesday Morning Sketches #634.  Thanks to Thanksgiving I got this done but then I forgot to post it.  I’m working retail now and putting in TONS of hours.  My goal is to get out of retail by next holiday season.  

My favorite part of this is the corners.  It was fun to revisit a technique from when I first started stamping 25+ years ago.  It is folding all corners into a square and then cutting in half.  It’s a great way to add vintage photos to a scrapbook also.  

I hope your week was nice and that your coming week is wonderful!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sketches #633

Hello hello!!  

Thanks for being here :o) 

I got the background ready for our so nice Tuesday Morning Sketch #633 by Debbie a week early.  I knew that I wanted to use non traditional Christmas colors so I backed some SU flocked paper with CTMH Mulberry colored paper.  Next was going to be to cut out a poinsettia and it sat on my desk for a week even though I had it ready in Cricut Design Space I just wasn’t in the mood to clear off the space behind my machine (I know I’m soooo lazy sometimes!) 

Anyway, I finished it and went in to add it to TMS and Debi did a big poinsettia also and she did a way and I mean WAY better absolutely beautiful job than I!!  At first I just thought oh well I’m posting it anyway because it took me so long to get a good cut of “Christmas” because of how tiny some of the lines are.  

I don’t know if I can shorten this long story but I decided to make another card so I did one with this pretty fox stamp that was a CTMH stamp of the month a while back.  I imagined it with a messy watercolor technique but when I did it at first I didn’t think it looked intentionally messy - do you know what I mean?  Sometimes things are cool and intentionally messy and sometimes they are just a hot mess. 

So, I decided to just stamp it and keep it simple because by that time I really spent a lot of time on what should have been a super easy card.  I swapped out the first poinsettia card with the black and white card then I played with the water colored card and thought maybe if I made some abstract watercolor paper and cut the “happy” out of that it would look ok - and it did YAY so I swapped out the black and white card for what is posted on TMS.  

Story continues….I was going to put the B&W one in my card bin as it was but I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  I added some glitter and gems and now I love that one too - double YAY!  I actually think that one may now be my favorite but I was NOT going to swap out the card on TMS again. All that said I do want to share it and hope you like them all ok. I also hope you have a blast with your first try and all your subsequent tries if you make more.  

Here they are have a look and then head over to Tuesday Morning Sketches and get inspired :o)

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sketches #632

 Hi you!!

Thanks so much for being here.  I’ve been reminiscing a lot this past few days.  My daughter & granddaughter’s birthday is this week and I’m a little melancholy regarding not seeing them.  

Nevertheless I did have some fun making this quick and easy cheater card for Tuesday Morning Sketches #632. No stamping - just put a few things from the CTMH Holly & Ivy paper packet together.  I really wanted to get another pack but they are all sold out.  I also added some flocked paper that was retired from SU a while back.  My very favorite part is the cute deer stickers, there is a coordinating stamp & thin cuts set that I would like to order so I will never run out of the cute little deer. 

I hope I shake off this sad feeling soon and that you have a happy week and fun time creating with this cool sketch by Melissa!  

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sketches #631

 Oh boy I know I’m running really late this week.  Truth is I just forgot.  I had lots going on and the good part is that most of it was really fun.  

Our Tuesday Morning Sketch #631 is by Debbie and one that would be fun to create a lot of but it really made me wish I had a die in that banner shape.  

This was made will CTMH current products.  

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a NICE week!

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sketches #630


Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Here is what I made for our Tuesday Morning Sketches #630 by Andrea. At first I felt too lazy to do a shaker card even though it was perfect for that.  One thing led to another when I went shuffling through papers to decide what to do.  I cut the little scene out of CTMH Holy & Ivy paper and knew that my Diamond Dust that I’ve had for years would be perfect to make it a snowy scene.  

I still have over half of a 14 oz jar left if you want to come on over and make cards with me!!!  Wouldn’t that be nice??!!  

Also, as mentioned last week, here is the card that I made using the pink and yellow giraffe.  Sooooo what will you do with this great sketch this week?  :o)

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sketches #629

Happy Tuesday, I’m sure glad you’re here!

Isn’t it just so amazing how quick each week flies by? This Tuesday Morning Sketches #629 by Andrea was sure was a fun and easy sketch. I guess I’m on a roll making baby cards :o) one reason for that is because I recently realized I was out of them and the other reason is because I love making them so much.  

It was high time for me to use some Stickles - I can’t remember how long I’ve had this color but it has been at least a few years.  It was fun and I added the dots right before I was leaving to work so I knew they would have plenty of time to dry without me messing it up as I have in the past.  I have also had this cute ribbon in my stash for years — what is wrong with me that I still buy more when I have so much already??

My tip this week is that if you color with markers i.e. alcohol etc that cover or fade your ink it’s nice to have a Misty or other stamping tool so that you can stamp it again after you color it.  I didn’t originally stamp it with the tool but I cut others out with it and then I could easily put the one I already colored back into the spot and re-stamp it.

I really think I need to start having friends over for card making days so I can use up my stash. I’m really hoping that you can visit and leave some love for our team and of course play along with us this week - if you do I’ll be visiting your creation soon :o)  

Enjoy your week!

You’ll see this little pink & yellow giraffe below on my card next week :o)

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sketches #628

 Hello - yep it’s Tuesday again already!! 

So glad you are here!  And I really mean that even though I felt like I lost my battle with creative block this week. Here is my creation for Tuesday Morning Sketch #628.  I started out with a piece of Tim Holtz watercolor distress paper and I watercolored the hills and sky - blotting out a few clouds with a tissue. Then it was all warped so I sandwiched it between a few books and stood on it while eating Birthday Confetti Hershey Kisses and trying to figure out what to do next.  

My first thought was a hot air ballon but didn’t feel like searching for one in all my stamps.  My second thought was a cute critter holding balloons but I was still uninspired.  I went though a bin of old stuff trying to trigger an idea and this is what I found and what happened. 

I came across my Baby Boy stack of paper from DCWV, fussy cut the tree and alligator, die cut the oval BOY and layered them all on the card with different thicknesses of dimensional foam tape. I wish that I cut it all out a little better but my heart wasn’t really in it.  I was going to call it done so I took a pic and realized that I left out the little elements so I drew in some birds with a marker and added CTMH Prisma glitter with a glue pen and drew in some grass with a Stabilo Carbothello pastel pencil.  Kinda thinking that all that was a little too much but here is the before and after - let me know what you think!  

Looking back it was enjoyable but I really need to clean my pigsty studio and then I hope to feel a little more creative again.  

I can’t wait to see what you make with this!!!  Head on over to see what our team created at Tuesday Morning Sketches and have a great week!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sketches #627


Thanks so much for stopping by!  

Here is what I made for our fun Tuesday Morning Sketch #627.  I was all over the place when deciding where to start but I’m happy enough with how it turned out. I love this new CTMH paper packet As You Grow.  I think I could make diverse cards for a very long time with just these papers but I’ll try not to get stuck on it too long. I am looking forward to checking out your creations and hope you have tons of fun with this sketch!!  Head on over to check out what our team and the rest of our team has for you to enjoy & have FUN!!

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sketches # 626

YIKES!  I forgot to do my post!!  So sorry but I hope better late than never?  Here is my card for Tuesday Morning Sketch #626.  

This was fun and I cut out pieces to make two cards but got wrapped up in the other parts of life.  I love this background paper - it is new from CTMH.  Everything else is old stuff that I’ve had around for a long time.

So what are you going to use old stuff or new? Looking forward to visiting your creation soon.  Have a WONDERFUL week!


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sketches #625

 Hello - happy Tuesday!  

Here is what I made for our Tuesday Morning Sketch #625.  Once again I was pushed a little out of my comfort zone and I’m so grateful that I was because this was so much fun.  I had some circles punched from some watercolor playing around that I did a while ago and really wanted to turn them into something and I didn’t have high expectations because the colors were so different but all in all I’m happy with how it turned out after adding dots and sequins.  

I hope you enjoy checking out what our fabulous team has created and So click this Tuesday Morning Sketches or the link above to head on over to see what our fab team made and leave some love.  I’m anxious to see what you make!!!  

Happy everything!!!