Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Tuesday Morning Sketches #765

Happy Tuesday & thanks for stopping by for Tuesday Morning Sketches #765.  

You may already know that Tuesday Morning Sketches turns 15 this month!  We are celebrating all month long with old sketches (from 2014) AND small prizes all month! So, now is definitely a good time to play along!

Got this not so great idea to cut this panel with the heart out of a page that I was just swatching and goofing off with oil pastels.  Most of the time using an element as a starting point and building from there works good for me but not so much this time. I’m not really happy with it although there were some fun moments when I was creating it I really don’t love it.  Oh well - not EVERY card is going to be great right?  

I do love the sentiment and I love how you can always have embellishments that match if you have some tiny dies.  I just cut a portion of this die that makes little hearts for shakers (CTMH no longer available) on a scrap of glitter cardstock to match the first panel.  I could have also cut the entire thing in the center of the back panel but I wasn’t thinking that good lol. 

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope to see you soon at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Tuesday Morning Sketches #764

How is your summer so far - besides flying by super quick?  I hope it is good! It’s time already for Tuesday Morning Sketches #764 - wow the weeks seem like just a day or so long.

I did this at the very last minute because I thought I did it but couldn’t find it and all I can say is I must have had it confused with the one from last week. Oh well!  This was pretty easy - just trying to make use of things I’ve had for a really long time.  

I hope you have fun time to join us - even if you have to just pop some stickers and embellishments on a card it is so satisfying.  

Can hardly wait to see what you make for Tuesday Morning Sketches!! We are having some prizes this month too!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Tuesday Morning Sketches #763

Happy 4th of July week!!  It’s time for Tuesday Morning Sketches #763.  

I feel like maybe Melissa received my vibes because I was recently checking out some of our sketches from way back and thinking that we should revisit them they’re just so darn good—haha and next thing I know she says she is going to do just that for our 15th anniversary this month!  She picked the year of 2014 in honor of Jessi Fogan.  She was on the design team until 2014 and left the team due to health reasons shortly before I got on board the team but I participated in the challenges before she left. I remember her as having a brave unique style all her own truly reflecting who she was. She sadly passed away so very young.

I had such a fun and busy weekend that I knew I had to keep this easy.  I just picked pretty coordinating paper and let it do the work.  I didn’t intentionally change where the sentiment was - I just forgot.  This paper is from Stampin’ Up and I was inspired by someone who was participating in our sketches to purchase it but I can’t remember who.   

 Thanks so much for visiting and now all you need to do is have fun creating with us this week at

Tuesday Morning Sketches!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tuesday Morning Sketches #762

Hello happy Tuesday Morning Sketches #762 day!!

From the first time I saw this sketch I couldn’t get the idea of painting a cute little alpaca out of my head.  I got out some floral stamps thinking I really needed to just do something a little easier but my heart just wasn’t in it. 

I must admit I’m wondering just a little what it means that this is all I could see haha.  You know like those ink blot pictures you see psychiatrists hold up for people in shows…oh this means you are feeling like an old goat and you are diverting your emotions to a cute young alpaca to deny you’re getting old. :o/

I looked up some reference photos on Unsplash and told myself ok you get one try, if it doesn’t turn out - get out the stamps.  Halfway through I was thinking oh man I wasted my time but I stuck with it and I’m pretty happy with this cute little guy.  

I’m hoping that the bunch of flowers makes up for no sentiment because I didn’t really want to cover him up.  Also don’t know who I’m giving it to and for what occasion but I know it needs to be to someone who won’t throw it away - too quick lol.

Can’t wait to see what you saw when you first laid eyes on this sketch! Just let go and PLAAY!!!  See you soon at Tuesday Morning Sketches!

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tuesday Morning Sketches #761

Hello & happy  Tuesday Morning Sketches day!! 

Finally!! Instead of just one, I was able to make a few cards for Tuesday Morning Sketches #761!! It was a big help that I used these ready made sentiment panels (from Carta Bella Flora number ?).  You will see some of them that I plan on using in the future below. Even though they are cheater cards, I think that a few of these cards would make a nice little set for a gift - what do you think?

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Tuesday Morning Sketches #760


Thanks for coming by fo Tuesday Morning Sketches #760.  When I cut out the happy die for last weeks card I noticed how pretty it looked on the other side so I just had to cut one out using the flowery pattern.  I really love how it turned out if I do say so myself.   This paper is soooo pretty that cards have to turn out good just by virtue of its prettiness!!  

Can’t wait to see what you make with this to create along with us at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!  I feel like I say that all the time but seeing your take on our sketches really is a highlight of the week :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Tuesday Morning Sketches #759


It’s time already for Tuesday Morning Sketches #759.  I knew I would love playing with this sketch but I didn’t really do what I first thought I would.  This was my 4th attempt at the tulips (didn’t like the other flowers I tried) and while not 100% happy with them I was pretty done - it was either this or I would forget about painting anything for it.  

It’s just that I have so little time to paint these days so really going backwards in my skill.  My evenings are mostly just cleaning the house and following my puppies around to make sure they’re not destroying anything.  They’re getting better now that they are a year old but boxers are puppies for a VERY long time. 

Your turn for fun with this now!! I have so many more ideas for it but just so little time - darn it!! But at least I get to see what you come up with it when you create with us at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Tuesday Morning Sketches #758


Thanks for stopping by for  Tuesday Morning Sketches #758.  Donna’s card from last week totally inspired my card this week!  Thank you Donna!!

I’ve been wanting to focus on using left overs from cutting a 9.5 x 9.5 square (to make a 5 x 7 envelope) from a sheet of 12 x 12. I’m not 100% sure why - because I have so much paper it’s not necessarily like I have to be conservative.  It just seems like a good idea to share that idea what do you think? It does come in handy to know because I love having a matching handmade envelope with my cards.  The tear tape is just perfect because I can add that to the flap so it will be ready to peal and seal ;o)

These pretty patterned papers are from SU but I don’t remember what it is called.  I fussy cut the large flowers on the front, they are attached to a circle in the back for strength and a piece of foam for dimension.  A pack is quite a bit so I think you’ll be seeing this more in the future. 

So now it is your turn to join us for the fun at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!


Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tuesday Morning Sketches #757

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Morning Sketches #757.  This is such a versatile sketch by Debbie.  I would have loved to make several but was just too short on time. 

I took a shortcut of using stickers instead of stamping but at least I also die cut the scallop circle and embossed the front panel after I adhered the sentiment sticker to it.  I do really love that cute typewriter sticker and I’m pretty proud of myself for using it instead of hoarding it.  

Our team did such a fabulous job I’m sure you’ll be inspired and enjoy creating with us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Tuesday Morning Sketches #756

 Hello there!  Thanks so much for stopping by for Tuesday Morning Sketches #756.  This is a super fun collaboration with  the Twisted Sisters Challenge #166 - Let the Troubles Begin! 

It has to do with lost sock memorial day (unmatched socks and stuff).  I used a piece of yarn from a tattered sock that I just couldn’t bear to part with because it was a handmade wool sock that my friend actually knitted for me! I used two brands of paper some older cardstock from CTMH and patterned paper from the Through the Trees 6 x 6 pack designed by Melissa Lowry - for the Craft Consortium.  The fox I fussy cut - it was an unmatched bright white that I used Prismacolor alchohol markers to tone down the white so that it would match my Colonial White cardstock and the mushrooms on the patterned paper. 

I made this for my oldest granddaughter - she loves foxes and mushrooms so yay! This challenge runs for 2 weeks!  so you’ll have lots of time to create and play along with us at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Tuesday Morning Sketches #755

 Hi - so glad you’re here!

I guess I’m in feather mode still from last week based on this card I made for Tuesday Morning Sketches #755.  I was going for the faux shaker look and put sequins behind the feather printed velum but it isn’t see through enough so that was a fail.  I don’t think the card is too bad the way it is though. 

The embossing folder is from Joanne the velum is really really old from Close to My Heart and all the pretty minty teal card stock is from a batch of stuff that was give to me a couple years ago.  I really made use of things I’ve had at least 2 years…so I feel pretty good about it.

Now, of course it is your turn to have a go at Tuesday Morning Sketches #755. I’ll be visiting your artwork soon!

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Tuesday Morning Sketches #754

Hi there and thank you for stopping by for Tuesday Morning Sketches #754.  

I’m preparing for a ladies get together to make cards and watercolor so this is the project we will create.  A feather was the most simple and fun thing I could think of.  

There are lots of ways you could approach this sketch from large images to just different patterned papers.  So have fun with us this week at Tuesday Morning Sketches!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tuesday Morning Sketches #753

Happy Tuesday!

It’s time for  Tuesday Morning Sketches #753, I kept this pretty darn simple. YES here I am using that same “happy” die again - sorry I just love it so much!! If you want to know I got it at Joann using a 40% off coupon so it was a steal!  

I used some older CTMH paper and just cut it in two and reversed the side for one part.  The ribbons are just from my stash, that I have had for years. 

I don’t know why but I just couldn’t tilt the tag in the other direction lol, how will you do your tag for Tuesday Morning Sketches this week??

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Tuesday Morning Sketches #752

Gosh, I’m having a hard time getting my act together!  Nevertheless this is what I made for Tuesday Morning Sketches #752. 

I took way too much time on this and then I realized I could have pulled it off much easier by cutting a circle in the front panel and adhering any shape just large enough to cover the opening.  I took the long way around but it is because I cut the circle out of this really cool sail boat printed acetate and it didn’t show up very well on any color or simple patterned paper so I figured it would have to be white.  That posed the problem of how to attach it. Resolved that by cutting a circle the exact same size and then placing some embellishments across the edge to kind of anchor it in.  

I know there is so much to do but so little time so I totally appreciate you stopping by and I hope you have lots of snatches of time this week and that you are able to join us for Tuesday Morning Sketches #752!!

Tried another angle so you could see this waaaayyyy cool printed acetate (from Joann’s)