Friday, December 20, 2013

Hello hello I'm here!

Oops I did it again!  Let time get totally away from me. Out of town trips, the holidays and a work schedule that was a total blur - that's where I was.  


Here's the layout that my clubs did this month.  It's primarily for our January 2014 photos but not everyone will use it for that.  I really REALLY love the look of Champagne or Cashmere ink on Colonial White card stock, and I hope you do too!  

I basically just repeated the sketch rotated and in a Cotton Candy ink version to go with these cute pics of my little granddaughter. The patterned paper is Frosted and it will be discontinued after the current stock is sold out.   Of course everything is available on my site

Thanks for "hanging in there" with me and coming back for a visit! My photography is worse than usual (and it's never that great) on these, but I suppose you can see ok.