Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Tuesday Morning Sketches #552

Happy Tuesday once again!  

First off welcome to our two new members of our design team, Hetty and Margaret!  Starting next week they will be switching up every other week :) YAY welcome aboard!

I loved this sketch #552 by Melissa, but I just didn’t have much time to craft this week.  I used retired CTMH paper and embossing folder and an embellishment by who knows that I’ve had around a looooong time!  It felt good to use it with a sketch that almost seems made for it.  I also think that you can get beautiful results in so little time with this great sketch!!  

The prize is a sweet sentiment stamp - I’m looking forward to seeing what you all make and good luck!!

Hetty (Every other week)
Kitty (Every other week)
Lisa Lynn (Every other week)
Margaret (Every other week)

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Tuesday Morning Sketches #551

Hi there and happy Tuesday!!  

I think we’ve all had our struggles feeling happy and cheerful through all the virus stuff, but all the more reason to not waste time, when we can help it, feeling helpless and nervous. We really can choose joy in the midst of any circumstance if we stop to think of all we have instead of what we lack.

Here is what I made for our Tuesday Morning Sketches #551. It’s a really fun sketch and a great one for using scraps. I spent way tooooo long on this first card.  But I guess it’s ok because it was a learning experience and it was fulfilling to attempt to put an idea, that I had the very first time I laid my eyes on this stamp set, into action.  I say attempt because I didn’t really pull it off as nicely as I had hoped. 

I thought it would be cool to turn the bottle into a shaker card with these little glass beads that look like sand to me.  Creating a true shaker was daunting right off the bat when I cut that little square out and wanted to have space for the message inside to show through - I thought right away - NOT happening.  My Fuse popped in my mind, I bought it 4 or so years ago and finally for this card I broke it out of the packaging!!  I really like it so I hope to get more use of it in the near future.  

Have a look below for pics of the Fuse piece and have fun this week, don’t watch the news more than you craft!!  I’m very much looking forward to seeing what you create! Of course as always feel free to ask questions :) almost all the supplies are from the new CTMH catalog.

I almost forgot I had made these also!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tuesday Morning Sketches #550

Hi hey hellllllooooo!!

I hope this week finds you and your loved ones doing well.  I think I mentioned that I transitioned to iPad only and I’ve had a bit of a learning curve, you know the tap two fingers or slide two fingers or three fingers etc - whoa it’s all hard for me to remember.  So I created this weeks Tuesday Morning Sketch #550 bumbling and fumbling around.  I was tempted to say “hey my 8 year old granddaughter created this sketch for us didn’t she do great???” But instead I’m owning up to it hahaha - -all the better it makes the actual cards we all make look right? 

I’m still working on my Carta Bella 6 x 6 Farmers Market pad - I’m trying to do better at using things up before they get mixed in my stash and forgotten.  

I wish you lots of crafting fun in the midst of our COVID times.  It has been so helpful for me to just stay away from the news over the weekend and skip it a few days here and there each week replacing it with paper play time - does wonders for the psyche.

Thanks so much for stopping by - looking forward to seeing your creations!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Tuesday Morning Sketches #549

Hey hello again it’s already time for Tuesday Morning Sketches #549.  Eek! I’m late so I’ll make this short and sweet!!  Ask me questions if you would like to know any thing at all about what I used and I’ll be glad to answer.  Please have fun with this and I totally appreciate  Melissa’s advice this week and let’s just craft like crazy so we don’t go crazy!! LOL