Sunday, December 7, 2014

Budget Paper Storage!

Well, let's just not mention that it's been TWO months since I have posted.  OMG!  A week ago on the 30th of November I thought I HAVE to post tonight because I have zero posts for the entire here I am finally a week later.  Oh well, somethings you just have to let go of - it seems like I've been doing that a lot lately; letting go of things.

This is one of only two projects that I did over the past month.  It's something that I've had on my mind to try for quite some time and I finally did it.  Let me know if you think it's good or goofy!!  

I Mod-Podged patterned paper to a Close to My Heart shipping box.  When I get orders in this size box, for a while I have been saving and using these for paper storage.  You can really do this with any box that fits paper well but this one I like because it holds a ton and I wouldn't want it any bigger because then it would be too heavy - much smaller and I would need too many of them.  I had a Cheez-Its box from Costco that was smaller but a good size also but I don't want to buy that many Cheez-Its! 

I was going to just use up old paper but choose this Yuletide Carol paper because it's a neutral color with a subtle design so when I change up the colors in my scrap room these boxes will go with pretty much anything. Also, since I'm a CTMH Consultant I can buy this particular paper in bulk.  I figured if I'm going to take the time to do this I might as well do it up as nice as possible.  

Again, I would love to know if you think it's a good or goofy idea?

Thanks bunches and I hope to be posting much more this month :o)

Here's the before:

Here's the after:

And the in-between:

I used 5 sheets of paper, one for each side and then one cut in four 3 x 12 pieces for the corners.

I folded the paper so it wrapped a little on the inside and a little on the bottom.  Used a cheap practically disposable paint brush, a plastic table cloth to protect my counter and gloves so I could do some bubble smoothing out by hand.  I had a sampler of small bottles of various types of Mod Podge and so I actually used three different kinds, my favorite was just the regular gloss finish one. 

Thanks so much for visiting!