Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Tuesday Morning Sketches #522

Hi strangers!!!  

I was beginning to think I may never be back!  I've had computer issues and on top of that one thing after another going on. The most time consuming thing going on right now other than my regular job is that my dog had surgery on his eye, ear and leg and his leg bandages have to be changed every other day so we spend a TON of time back and forth and waiting at our pet clinic.  

I'm glad to be getting back to something a tiny bit normal.  I did cheat a lot on this card but it was great therapy to be crafting again.

So, here's what I made for our Tuesday Morning Sketch #522 a carefree fun sketch that you will really enjoy!!  I'm excited to be back and playing and checking out what you all make too!

Thanks so VERY VERY much for stopping by!