Monday, April 23, 2012

April Diva Dare Day 3 Entry

The April Diva Dare Day 3 at Verve Stamps blog.  The person who inadvertently got me going on this dare was Teresa Kline at Paperie Blooms,  I love her style and was admiring her fabulous creations, one thing led to another; next thing I knew I was on the Verve blog then gathering up all kinds of little cuties that I've had living in my craft studio some of them for years actually.

I imitated Tosha Leyendekker's card big time. The paper and stamp is Close to My Heart  as well as all the buttons, but they're little treasures I've had for  ah ehm...7 years!  I know because they moved into this house with us, so they are no longer available. Other than my futile attempt to sew on it, I had a great time making this card.

Sewing, well that was another story, for some reason when I did a test run two different times it worked ok on the test then goofed up on the paper, so I just resigned to just letting it be pierced.  The middle crimped peach band was wider but I had to fold the edges to try and hide my little sewing mishap.  As you can see some of it does show but I was going to be darned if I was going to start all over.   It's definitely not perfect but it passes for me and my mood right now.


  1. stunning card, I luv the pearl accents....gorgeous..thanks for playing along with us and taking the Verve Diva Dare!

    enjoy *~*

    1. thanks so much Teresa...much inspired by YOUR artwork!