Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tuesday Morning Sketches #420

Hi everyone,

I'm seriously getting a little nervous about my memory and staying on top of things.  I think it's a hormone issue.  I was just thinking oh I need to get my post ready for tomorrow, and then I noticed that we already have entries - wait what's today???  OMG I'm crazy - only hope I have is that I've been told if you're really loosing it you don't know it.  I hope I'm just going through a phase.  

Maybe it's also all that's going on in the world and all the news to watch and people to pray for.  I only wish I was doing more praying than watching.

Well without further whining here are my cards, I was so proud to finally do two again.  I had a problem in that I couldn't find my DRS stamps so I didn't want to use any other brand of stamps so these are actually "anti-stampo" cards you know like antipasto salad.  Ok if I don't shut up soon you will think know I really am crazy!!  If you have questions just ask and I'll try and remember what I used - lol. 

DRS Designs is our wonderful sponsor and they have tons of great stamps so head on over and check out what the rest of our On Top of Things Best Team Ever made (I hope they don't disown me).   

Also, please have fun, pray and be safe!!

Bunches of blessings,



  1. Well, you might have been a touch late, but your TWO cards are gorgeous!

  2. These are both wonderful! I love the idea of using a die cut for this sketch. Going to have to try it!

  3. These cards are quite lovely! The first one looks like framed art. And you're not crazy.

  4. This is such a pretty set of cards, and I especially like the first one with all those flowers and vellum center! NJ!