Saturday, July 6, 2013

CTMH Dream Pop, K & Co, Recollections & Studio 18

Just where have I been??  And what in the world was I talking about in my last post?!  Well I have been in beautiful Kentucky spending time with my adorable grandsons (more about all that later).  What I was referring to in my last post was that I was going to be away from my studio for 9 days, but I uploaded a bunch of photos of projects before I left thinking that I could post them while I was gone.  Easier said than done...not because I was busy with the boys but because I couldn't figure out how to upload pics to my blog from my iPad.  Oh well, I'll have lots of days to post now ;o)

There's a story behind this card.  I was diligently cleaning my studio before I left when the urge to "just make something" overcame me.  It was prompted by running into the neat foil Godiva wrappers I had been saving for an idea.  I started to just go ahead and throw them away but thought since I had saved them for oh, maybe a year (lol) I should just stop & play with them on the spot.  

I saved them so I could punch out flowers.  Punching the wrapper alone did not work as well as punching it along with a piece of card-stock so after the first one I just held it in the punch with a scrap behind it.  I do like the way it looks especially considering that really it was just garbage. 
The next thing I wanted to use was this K & Co. Washi tape with the pretty gold screen design.  When I first started stamping I was ALL about gold & metallics, so much so that I think I got sick of it and have hardly used it at all the past 10+ years.  I think it happened to other crafters too because I haven't really seen it getting really popular again until just lately.   I bought it along with some other goodies including the K & Co. flower gem (in the center of the flower but you can hardly see it the photo) with a gift card I received for my birthday.

This is just a little 4 x 4 card and I rarely think this much about anything I make but for whatever reason I just kept changing my mind.  First I added the letters from some Studio 18 stickers ...

then changed my mind to use the glittery Recollections stickers, 

thought I was done but then decided to add some sparkles. 

 I'm happy enough with it but the more I look at it I do like my first version the best because I got a little out of my usual box and had a random accent color in it.  Oh well, I am NOT going to spend anymore time on it--it's done.

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