Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Victorias Secret?

What does Victoria's Secret have to do with this?  Well that's their trademark pink polka dots in the background.  While visiting my daughter in Colorado Springs last fall with a dear friend of my daughter and I, we all went to the mall for  a little shopping.  I took Norah while her mommy and friend had some girl time.  When it came time to find them I checked VS and happened to see this neat huge polka dot chair -- course first thought was "photo op" and here are the results.  

Anyway the best part was my daughters reaction when I told her I took there...she said "never again until she's 25"  lol, my how the table has turned ;) 

The paper is from the new Close to My Heart "Flirty" paper pack.  


  1. While the layout is certainly cute, the story behind it is priceless. I hope you will include that in your journaling, even if it's on a posh tag hidden. Hehe. Cute! (Cute baby girl, too.)

    1. Thank you Casandra! I do plan on journaling the story, I think I need to embellish the layout more too-I love your idea of a posh tag! I also made another layout with the same pics that I like better, but it's not completely finished either. I do a lot in duplicate, one for her book and one for mine.