Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sketches #613

 Happy Tuesday - I missed you!!  Yikes, I went through a little spell of letting myself get overwhelmed.  It started with redoing our backsplash and I was totally obsessed with it - it was sooooo much harder than I had hoped and I was thinking about ways to resolve issues and blah blah blah every moment that I wasn’t sleeping or working.  

Then I had a happy happy thing happen!  My brother and sis-in-love visited but I had a huge mess from working on the backsplash and he came earlier than expected at the last minute.  Spending more time with them was more important than cleaning my house but it still affected me, maybe the backsplash followed by fun company while still working full time at a new job I’m getting used to wouldn’t overwhelm most people but I guess I’ve just been too close to the edge anyway. On top of that I feel dumb having feelings like this when nothing serious has even happened.  I do pray for all who are going through real issues!! 

I truly enjoyed this sketch more than I expected at first glance.  I just bought this paper at Joann yesterday.  I do NOT need paper at ALL!!  I’m sure that I have more than I can use in my lifetime but I really loved the vintage pattern with those tiny birds and butterflies.The stamp is from a recent CTMH stamp of the month and I used grape ink.  

Somehow I made a tiny space in my chaotic messy craft room to pull this off.  I literally can’t look at my space without a certain level of nausea, but I am glad I did because I feel a little better already. I wish you lots of calmness and happy crafting!!


  1. Your card is wonderful and I can see why you "needed" the new paper. It's hard to pass up pretty paper!

    Stress is exhausting! I hope you are feeling better.

  2. The only way I can pass up buying new paper in the store is to skip that aisle completely! And we all know about overwhelmed! It sounds like you really had an overflowing plate! Funny we both did butterflies. Yours looks so pretty on the paper. Excellent find! Wonderful card! Big hug! Debi

  3. Glad you found time to craft!
    And what a beautiful result! I love this!

  4. So lovely! I love love love this purple - that paper is great.

    Glad you found some time and space to create!

  5. Beautiful and delicate card, Patti.
    Thanks for your sweet words on my blog.
    I will play along as often as I can!
    xxx Margreet