Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm here with a blast from the past!

I feel like a little Who now on Horton Hears a Who, trying to get attention "I am here, I am here, I am here!"  Boy is it good to be back.  I finished my class this week and made tons of progress on the house.  My studio however, is another story, I can't really even use my desk right now!  I thought about just piling up what's on it and moving it to the floor but I'm trying to swear off doing counter productivity.  

But nevertheless I think what I have to share EVERYDAY this week will be entertaining.  When cleaning out my attic I came across a box of cards and pages that I made when we lived in our other house - yep, it's been up there 10 years as of last month.  At first I thought "well this is all trash now but maybe I'll keep a couple things just for ol' times sake."  Much to my surprise, I STILL really like a lot of it.

I thought now was a perfect time to share these because our new catalog goes live next week so what a perfect time to "go retro"  I see so many of the techniques that were popular then coming back, and I LOVE that so I think I'll plan some back to the future techniques for my clubs.  

Let me know if you would like any info about techniques and materials that I've used.   Here's my pretty glitter butterfly.


  1. LOL....OH MY GOODNESS...I so remember when we made this beautiful Butterfly. I'm positive I still have mine also. Loved that technique...not sure I exactly remember it...but I do remember liking it at the time. Uh does that make sense?? all that to say...yes retro here we come !

  2. Thanks so much for visiting and reminicing with me Marsh!!


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